Our Private Programs

When you got a dog, you pictured enjoyable walks, pleasant play in the afternoons and calm evenings. Instead, you’ve got a dog who is hyperactive, difficult to walk and won’t listen to a word you say! Trust me, you are not alone and there is hope for you yet. Pawtience Modern Canine Education focuses on the skills your dog needs to be an exceptional family member, faster then you can imagine. Guaranteed improvement within 2 weeks*!

In order to offer you the right Training Program we need to evaluate your dog’s behaviour first. During a 60 min consult at your home, we assess behaviour issues, temperament and discuss your goals. Our goal is to ensure that we understand your expectations and how your family truly lives with you pet. We then ensure that our training program addresses your needs. We believe that dog training is much more than teaching your dog commands. When you get a dog, you are making a 12 year commitment to a relationship with another species who sees the world differently than a human being. Because of this, miscommunication occurs on a regular basis between the owners and their dogs. During the training experience, we will explain how your dog sees the world and how to understand its social, physical and mental needs. You will learn how to communicate effectively with your dog, teach in a way your dog understands and what you can reasonably expect during each phase of its development in training.

*Most dog trainers don’t offer guarantees. The reason why is that a dog trainer can’t guarantee that YOU are going to do the work.In our business, though, we do things differently. We assume that everyone coming to us is willing to put the effort in and ready to commit. Our training fits in your daily routines and you will get guided all the way through the program. However, if you are too busy to take on the training yourself, you can take advantage of our Day Training which can be part of ‘Beyond Basic’s’ and ‘Perfect Companion’ As such, we offer the most comprehensive training and coaching that you will find from any dog trainer anywhere. Private Programs are starting as little as $225! Evaluation fee is $45 which will be fully applied to any training program.