A Bit About Me

Hello and thank you so much for visiting. Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Nicole Schmitt, I am a german born dog lover, who came to Canada in 2005. Growing up with dogs (link to My Story) made me naturally understanding these lovely companions. Unfortunately, pursuing a career in the animal industry was not an option for my parents. I pursued a career in sales and hospitality which thought me necessary people skills. I did, however, hold on to my dream and studied Animal Behavior in Canada and California (link to animal behavior college) in 2011, where I had the chance to work with extremely knowledgeable Trainers and Behaviorists just like Cheryl Smith from Forever Friends Dog Training in Ottawa, Wendy Jeffries in Hemet, California and Pat Miller, Author of the best-seller Positive Perspectives! 

In June 2012, I founded ‘Pawtience Modern Canine Education’ Because of my excellent reputation I was quickly recommended by the Mont-Tremblant Veterinary Hospital. It has been a good start but my Dog Training School really flourished when I moved to Hudson in April 2015. Today, I receive referrals from the Hudson Veterinary Hospital, St. Lazare Hospital, Amanda Glue who owns the Timberland Clinic, local Groomers and Pet Stores and many more..So far I have helped more than 270 dog owners with gentle, force-free leadership and respectful people coaching.

My Certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely teach dogs while keeping the spark that makes your companion so special to you. You can be confident that my communication skills, my coaching talent and unique holistic approach will improve your dog's behavior faster than you can imagine. I am looking forward to provide more joy in your and your dogs life.

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My Story

I grew up with dogs in Germany. My Dad was a Boxer breeder, so I lived a young girl’s dream, surrounded by puppies! I was first exposed to formal Dog Training at the local Boxer Sporting Club when I was 7 years old.

For my 9th birthday I got to keep a black Boxer female “Clivia.” She was a sweet, quiet dog, but was nervous around people. I was eager to take her on walks, but she was terribly skittish. When she turned two, as anxious as before, I was disappointed to hear my Dad tell me she was too old to learn. Today, I know that Clivia’s behavior was a result of being inadequately socialized as a puppy. Childhood experiences like these led to a life-long love for dogs, and a fascination with Dog Behavior and Training. Today, I live with Foxie, a 10 year old Rottweiler/Retriever Mix female and Lola, a 5 year old Min-Pin/Beagle Mix. Both are rescues with a totally different background...

Formal Education and Professional Training

After adopting my own dogs and helping people with their pets for many years as a hobby, friends and family members urged me to pursue a career in canine education. I decided they were right about my talents, and began studying canine obedience and dog behavior at the reputable Animal Behavior College (ABC) in California.
While I studied, I volunteered at the SPCA Montreal and the Humane Society in California, where I exercised and helped to socialize more than 15 dogs daily. I also spent many valuable months on internships, learning the dog-training methods I use successfully today, including Marker-Training and Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT).
After graduating from ABC, I did Agility and Rally Obedience with my own dog Lola. I’ve also participated in several seminars regarding “Behavior Modification Solutions and continuously educate myself about new studies in modern canine education. I am a member of "The Pet Professional Guild your Association for Force-Free Pet Professional ”

My Philosophy

Pawtience Canine Education is based on the philosophy that you must truly understand how dogs communicate in order to get desired behaviors from them. Animals are not very verbal communicators and express themselves more visually. Understanding their language is important in order to get the results you want.

Also, your body language and emotions will influence your dog’s behavior.

Many behaviors that annoy their owners, such as jumping up, barking, digging, and pulling on the leash are actually natural for a dog; that's why I call them 'Unwanted Behaviors.' My aim is to assess the dog properly, so that I can understand the cause in order to deal with the dog’s individual needs. I am not treating symptoms; there is always a cause. I care about your dog’s needs as much as I care about your own expectations.
I help you to raise the dog of your dreams!

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