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We don't rehash the same strategies, tactics, tips and tricks you've heard a million times.
Our training is based on modern science and we strive to teach dogs effortlessly and educate owners professionally.
We offer unique educational training options such as Free Puppy Socializing, Personalized Private Programs and In-Home-Training in order to improve your dog’s behavior quickly.

Private Consultation

We care about you… We care about your dog...Some behaviors are challenging and only display in or around your home. Barking when the doorbell rings, Jumping on visitors, Anxiety, Aggressivity towards family members or dogs and cats living in your home etc. To assess your dog's behavior properly and understand your expectations, we offer a Free Evaluation* in your home.

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Beyond Basic's

Get quicker results with our unique Beyond Basic's Combination Program.

Many years I have offered Basic Obedience Classes like any other Training School. It wasn't one of my favorite classes because it was very difficult to calm the dogs around all the other dogs and people and get them focused. Some of them have just been rescued and were not comfortable, neither around the people nor around the dogs. Others, especially Labradors or Golden Doodles, were over friendly and pulled their owners through the room to say Hi to everybody! Owners and the dogs were just exhausted at the end of the class and only a few learned something! Therefore I created a Beyond Basic's Program where the owners start off in their home, under low distractions and join our Beyond Basic Class later to work around higher distractions when their dog is ready. It quickly became a success! Training a dog on his own pace is much more efficient and more enjoyable for the owner as well.

Schedule a free 15min phone consultation to find out if Beyond Basic's is the right training solution for your dog.

Board & Training

Have you ever wished you could go on vacation and come back to a well-behaved dog? Now you can!

Take opportunity of our Board & Train Program where your dog is getting taught in a dog trainer's home. No kennel environment. Your dog lives with me and my dogs free in the house*. Force free, modern science based training methods only!
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Customized Training Programs that will fit your lifestyle.

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