Our Group Programs

Beyond Basic’s - Train in a Real-Life-Environment

Nothing is more annoying than a dog who perfectly listens at home or in a group class but can’t seem to remember a thing when he is taken to busy places!

Imagine a dog who listens everywhere, a dog who stays calm around other dog and strangers. Imagine taking your dog to your favorite coffee shop and how great would it be to have a dog who is always welcome at your friend's places. How does that make you feel? Don't worry, we will get you there!
After you and your dog have learned the basic's, it is now time to move forward. In Beyond Basic's, you have the opportunity to train your dog in a REAL LIFE ENVIRONMENT. This Class focuses on environmental distractions just like walking calmly around other dogs, greeting strangers politely, be gentle with kids, ignore cars, boats, etc.
Your dog will learn how to focus on you instead of reacting at everything else. We practice Eye Contact around distractions, Loose-Leash-Walking, Strong Sit (incompatible with Jumping up), Sit-Stay while greeting strangers, Down-Stay while walking away from your dog, Come when called around distractions, etc.
Cost: $150 for a Package of 6 classes