Board & Train Programs


Running out of Patience with your dog ?

Wish you could leave on vacation and come home to a trained dog?


Imagine your dog being amazing and a joy to be around. Your family or friends telling you that they are a dream and are the best behaved dog they have seen. Imagine your dog not jumping on people, barking at people or other dogs on walks. 
Board and Train  allow your dog to receive training while living 24/7 in a trainer’s home.

We accept only one dog at a time in order to ensure the highest training standards and client satisfaction.
Your dog will participate in regular exercise and activities. The length of training is determined by the particular needs of the dog and client.

Benefits or our Board & Train Programs

Faster Results—your dog is worked by us in our home for the time frame you agree upon, we only Board & Train one dog at a time Less Stress on You—let us work through the foundation of early training so you can have the results you were looking for without the work!

Clear and Fast Learning—Living with a professional dog trainer will benefit influence your dog’s behaviour tremendously. He will become part of our family while he/she is with us! That includes going through our daily routine

You Get A Break!—Sometimes a dog’s poor behaviour can be frustrating. By removing  the dog out of the environment leaves room for both you and your dog to grow. When you and your dog are reunited, you’ll see a monumental change right from the very start.